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Brute Force Attack

What is a brute force attack?

How to hack a facebook account? Try brute force attack. A brute force attack is a type of force attack in which a computer with reasonable high speed networking sends out hundreds or thousands of queries per second to the victim server.The machine sends out a string starting at specific characters and continues to increase with each query. Upon correct combination, the access is granted and one can access the facebook account. Such attack is ofter not safe and not very reliable since it can be easily countered by monitoring the queries send per ip. However, we apply a system of rapidly changing IP by Tor Network to do so and although a bit slow, we can launch brute force attack of facebook servers. We are proud to notify you that we have successfully hacked many times using brute force.

This is the notorious renowned method of hacking which was responsibe for latest iCloud leaks of famous celebrities like Jennifer Lawrance. It is also applicable to facebook to some extent. The extracted information is usually MD5 encrypted. To decrypt an MD5, a powerful decrypter and computer is required which we proudly have.

Since this method is super time consuming, hard, risky and slow, we charge money for this method. So if you are not willing to pay, you should look into our recommended options: the kali linux method and keylogger.

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